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Thu 23 Jun 2011| 12:12 PM| ✯Miss lili✯| |
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every body for some problems


i must leave blogfa


bye forever

i have a new web come to that some



BYE Miss U






Thu 7 Jul 2011| 3:38 PM| ✯Miss lili✯| |
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trust on your heart and dont let it break

listen to your heart and keep everybody in it

your heart can be for everyone

youre heart needs your trust


Thu 7 Jul 2011| 1:39 PM| ✯Miss lili✯| |
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? why when you talk i just want  listen to you

?why when you call me it's make me happy

?why when you try to set me warm i love my feel

?why when you look at me i don't want see any thing but you

...tell me



Sun 3 Jul 2011| 8:21 PM| ✯Miss lili✯| |
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when you dream listen carefully , maybe some one is calling you


who know's that?!maybe it's a secret


Wed 29 Jun 2011| 11:38 PM| ✯Miss lili✯| |
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your love for me is so HOT like the SUN in the summer







Sun 26 Jun 2011| 1:56 PM| ✯Miss lili✯| |
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I promise you that no one can be like you

...if you have trust your self

you are the only one


Sat 25 Jun 2011| 2:34 PM| ✯Miss lili✯| |
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here is the last pic of my friends

we are always with together



Mon 20 Jun 2011| 5:14 PM| ✯Miss lili✯| |
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